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Firstly, because I love Pessac Leognan wines !

I have been a fan of Pessac Leognan wines for many years. And more particularly since I had the pleasure of attending Bernard Burtschy‘s classes. I decided to create this site to gather all the information about this prestigious regional appellation. Thus, I want to share my passion for Pessac Leognan wines. More particularly, I want to offer a simple, fast and user-friendly site. I want this site to enable you to discover or better know these famous wines and therefore to love them.

Also, you will find a set of information on all the wines of Pessac-Léognan. From the very elegant reds to the particularly atypical whites of Pessac Leognan. You will have access to basic knowledge about Pessac Leognan wines.

The News page offers you monthly quality articles: best Pessac Léognan 2019, wine fair, discovery of some châteaux… The list of the châteaux and estates of Pessac Leognan shows the first wines of the appellation. Characteristics sheets for the first wines of each Pessac Leognan wine appellation are of course available.

The cartography of the vintages allows you to know the good and very good years. Finally, the geographical maps of the Bordeaux and Pessac-Léognan regional appellations are also available.

Secondly, because I want to share my passion for Pessac Leognan wines !

Each first wine of Pessac Leognan has its own page.

The chateaux page lists all the first wines of Pessac-Léognan: the first great classified growth, Château Haut Brion, then the fourteen Grands Crus Classés, and finally the 55 AOC Graves in the Pessac-Léognan appellation. Each first wine is the subject of a description sheet which contains all the information about the history of the estate, the wine itself and its environment.

For each first wine of the appellation, several pieces of information are available. Firstly, the tasting results (eye, nose and mouth). Secondly, an average of the scores given by a panel of oenologists and critics. Thirdly, the culinary dishes with which the wine goes perfectly. Fourth, the ideal serving temperature. Fifthly the good, very good, even exceptional vintages to be tasted or left to age. Sixth, a scale of average prices. Finally, the second wines of the appellation.

The wine environment will give you access to a lot of other information. Firstly, the grape variety or type of grape. Then the pedology or the nature of the soils, followed by the surface area of the vineyard(s). Then the viticulture, vinification and maturing processes. And, finally, the annual production of the estate.

The contact details of each property will enable you to find out more about each estate or chateau in Pessac Léognan. You will also be able to visit the property for a tasting, always a magical and unforgettable moment. Most of the estates and chateaux of Pessac Léognan offer visits and/or tastings, for which you may need to make an appointment. Some appellations, such as Château Smith Haut Lafitte, even offer you the chance to spend an exceptional visit in a luxury hotel, a gastronomic restaurant or a vinotherapy spa.

Other thematic pages to complete your knowledge

The vintages page indicates, generically, the good and very good years of Pessac Leognan wines. The vintages which are to be tasted now and those for which you have to wait a little longer are of course accessible. Furthermore, the map page allows you to locate the Pessac Léognan appellation within the different Bordeaux appellations, in the south-western quarter of Bordeaux. This page also gives you the situation of the different estates and châteaux of Pessac-Léognan within the appellation. At last, the thanking page highlights all the persons who helped me making this Pessac Leognan website.

In addition, I would be delighted to receive your contributions…

Finally, if you want to help me to enrich the characteristics of the first wines of Pessac Léognan, suggest changes to the website, or even point out errors, I am of course interested! Feel free to offer your contributions, ideas and proposals using the contact page ! Thus, thanks to you, the Pessac Leognan wines will be more and more known and shared!